Castle Tales - Science and Storytelling
A unique blend of science and storytelling.

Behind The Science

about The creators and their mission


the mission


Our mission is to strengthen a child’s learning and confidence in science.

To accomplish this, our mother-daughter team has created a world with fun characters who learn about science through surprising adventures!




Greta Cleary

Greta develops unique science lessons to weave into the bedtime stories that she used to tell her children. With her background in science, technical communications, and public and homeschool teaching, she is motivated to make challenging scientific concepts easy to understand.




Laura Cleary

Laura draws on her love of science, animals, and art to create humorous and meaningful illustrations for the Castle Tales series. Armed with her extensive collections of microbiology plushies, chemistry T-shirts, and inks, Laura brings adorable and quirky characters to life in a way that is fun for all readers.