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Pearl and the Golden Comb (Volume 1)

Pearl and the Golden Comb (Volume 1)

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Castle Tales Science Set 1 - Chemistry (Volume 1)

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Join Amy, Micah, and their new puppy Pearl for a castle adventure filled with secret codes, hidden passageways, and treasure!

The first story in the Castle Tales chemistry series!

Children, parents, and educators agree that "Pearl and the Golden Comb" is an exciting, new way for children to build an early foundation in science! This first book introduces elements, molecules, and the periodic table - wrapped in fun and adventure!

Giving children an academic edge in science!

Learning chemistry is like learning a foreign language. A child who becomes familiar with it at a young age has a greater potential to become fluent!

This unique STEM story is ideal for ages 6 - 10, and independent readers of 8 years old and up. Younger children also enjoy the story and illustrations, even if some concepts are more advanced.

Enjoy and learn with "Pearl and the Golden Comb" - the first in the Castle Tales chemistry series!

Paperback: 38 pages

Hardcover: 40 pages