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Castle Tales Series

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Join Amy, Micah, and Pearl the Puppy as they explore a castle with secret codes, hidden passageways, and treasure! Ideal for ages 6+!




for Book 1: Pearl and the Golden Comb

My son loves this book! In the last 2 weeks, he’s wanted to read it nearly every night! As a scientist, I appreciate how this book introduces a challenging topic in a fun and interesting way. He is excited to learn the names of the elements!
— Mary N., Clinical Pathologist & Parent
My class was completely engaged! This is a fantastic book and I can’t wait for the other books that will follow!
— Gabriela M, 1st Grade Teacher
Relating elements to objects such as a teddy bear makes it easy for kids to remember. Great concept and unique and original approach with a sense of adventure!
— Bonnie A., Artist and Grandparent
I love the periodic table with moving blocks for the elements! All of the illustrations are great, and the writing is well done.
— Kim S., Professor of Organic Chemistry
This book sets the scene with a familiar topic, thus decreasing a child’s cognitive/brain load while creating a hook that promotes engagement. It contains mystery and intrigue with a laser-focus on certain elements and real-world examples.
— Phyl M., Education Specialist
My 6-year old now has a basic understanding of how a water molecule is made. My 4-year old was interested from start to finish. They both enjoyed the story. A big plus for parents with kids a few years apart!
— Brian W., Entrepreneur and Parent